Royal Wedding Dress Influences generations

by alice

Katherine in her wedding gown, April 29th, 2011

The Royal Wedding between William and Kate Middleton will likely have an influence on weddings for generations to come.   That is, if history has anything to say about it.
Here Kate (now Katherine) is in her dress:

Princess Diana in a wedding gown that influenced generations.

We all remember July 29th, 1981. Even if you weren’t born yet, you’ve certainly seen the photos (left)!  Did you know that Diana’s poofy “Cinderella” dress set wedding fashion styles that continued throughout the 80’s?

OK all you Brides-to-be, listen up…

Women around the world like you (and of course wedding planners alike), will be closely watching the details of everything Kate and William have chosen for their wedding.

You can bet your bottom dollar that women in 2011 will be influenced like women were thirty years ago. From wedding dresses, down to the type and color of the flowers, a lot will be credited back to today’s Royal Wedding.

In fact, I just read an interview this morning that was done with several wedding planners.  Written up here in the State Journal Register, one wedding planner said that a client actually postponed choosing flowers for her upcoming wedding until see sees what is used in today’s Royal Wedding!

This same article quotes one wedding planner who says, “the royal wedding could cause a swing toward formal, elegant and grand in weddings in the coming years.”


Isn’t it a bit cheesy to copy the dress of someone’s wedding, especially a Royal Wedding?  I believe a wedding should be a personal expression and a connection that reflects the values and preferences of the couple – not what someone else thinks is important, cool, or beautiful. Of course, there is the other side of the coin – many people prefer a “performance style” wedding in which each detail is carefully selected to make maximum impact on the audience.

What do you think about this Royal Wedding? Will you be influenced like so many people were after Diana’s big day?  Or are you a gal (or guy) who chooses your wedding formalities based on your own preferences?  Is it lame to copy someone else?

Go ahead and comment away…

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