Wearing rings: which goes on first – engagement ring, or wedding ring?

by alice

You have your engagement ring, AND a wedding ring (or are about to)!  Congratulations.


But do you know how to wear them?


Which ring goes on top of the other?

Which ring goes on over the other? The band, or the diamond? CLICK image to see more rings


Is it the engagement ring (usually a diamond) first? Do you put the wedding ring (usually gold or white-gold) on top of the diamond engagement ring? Or is it the other way around – wedding band first, then diamond?

The answer is simple:

Personal preference.


Some say that the wedding ring should go first because it’s “closest to the heart”. Hey gal, wear what ever is comfortable!


MY ADVICE: Put the more expensive ring on first, so the other one can HOLD it securely on your finger. If something slips off, it will be the lesser expensive of the two! In 99% of the cases, this means Diamond ring first, then slip on the wedding ring over that.

How do you wear yours (or how does your mother wears her rings).

  • Tina0212011

    Wedding rings symbolize the love and commitment a couple makes towards each other, and has been used to signify this in wedding ceremonies for countless generations. While the purpose has remained the same, preference and tastes in wedding ring designs have changed over the years

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